Primary quests

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Places New Narakort Inn

Obtienes la invitación (y la quest) de Triss Merigold al principio del Acto 3. Esta quest toma lugar enteramente en el piso superior de la Posada de Nueva Narakort en el Barrio de los Mercaderes de Wyzima - todo en uno sin salir del lugar.


  • guantes rojos,
  • una botella de alcohol fuerte,
  • mucho vino, o 5 botellas de aguamiel
  • poción de Lágrimas de esposa

Obtienes la poción Lágrimas de esposa de la camarera de abajo (esto puede requerir iniciar una conversación con ella muchas veces antes de que aparezca la opción) - solo habla con ella y ayúdala como sea necesario. Ella es la que tiene necesidad de una par de guantes rojos. Una vez que tienes las pociones Lágrimas de esposa, sube la escalera.

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You need to be at the Posada de Nueva Narakort no earlier than 18:00 - otherwise the security guard won't let you in. Go to the upper floor. There is a door on the left, open it and enter the room. There's nobody inside, but there is a chest next to the bed. Open it and take the note. When you do, someone will notice this - give him the bottle of strong alcohol you brought with you, and leave the room.

Part 2Editar

You need to talk to everyone initially - the order does not really matter, this is just a chit-chat. Whenever You talk to Ada, be smooth. (If you inadvertently insult her, don't panic, she'll eventually speak with you again. Just keep trying.)

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The whole discussion goes on about politics with one single goal: to figure out what's Ada's favorite meal. You will talk to the party people in an orderly fashion from here. You get quest updates on what to do. You will find an extra bottle of vodka that you will need to make Velerad speak. Talking with Thaler will give you an update on the Identity quest. At some point Thaler will ask you to steal a note. Just agree and talk to him again (this is the note you took during part 1 of this quest). Be sure to talk with the guy who vowed not to speak - and challenge him to drink (you brought a lot of wine, right? At the end, he tells you a thing or two that will help you to continue your conversation with Thaler. Thaler will tell you what is Ada's favorite meal. After this, talk with Triss Merigold and she will help you out.

Part 4Editar

Give Ada her favorite meal, and follow her to the room. If you obey her commands, you can make love to her - this is the choice I took (You can resist a little, i.e. once, but not twice if you want the sex card, but refusing does provide some information that you don't really receive otherwise). After this Triss Merigold will come in and tell you that Declan Leuvaarden has an important proposal and you should accept it. Go and talk to Declan Leuvaarden and accept his proposal - this will conclude this quest and start new ones: Seguir el hilo, La llave ya la cerradura.

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People Leuvaarden full People Triss full People Velerad full People Thaler full People DeWett full People Adda full People Erkin full

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