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For more information regarding quest items, see the quest items category.

This page groups together items which have the special status of "quest item" and appear as icons in the quest items inventory pocket (with a couple of exceptions). Note: For more information regarding specific quests, see the quests category.

Icon Prologue Prólogo (Kaer Morhen) Editar

Potion Potion for Triss Medicina para Triss

Icon Act I Capítulo I (Afueras) Editar

Quest Items Holy flame Fuego Eterno x 5
Quest Items dice Caja de dados (you will most likely end up with many of these)
Quest Items Harens parcel Paquete del bandido for Coleman
Quest Items Rusty key Key to the Crypt
Quest Items Leuvaardens friends skull Restos humanos
Books Generic red Notas de Berengar sobre la bestia
Quest Items Key Key to trap door in Salamandra hideout
Quest Items Arrest warrant Salvoconducto

Icon Act II Capítulo II (Barrio del Templo) Editar

Quest Items Arrest warrant Orden de Detención for the Professor
Quest Items generic key2 Key to the sewers
Quest Items Vizima cemetary pass Pase para el cementerio de Wyzima
Quest Items Salamander badge Insignia de salamandra rota
Quest Items Sphere Cristal de teletransporte
Quest Items Lightning rod Pararrayos
Books Grandmas diary small Diario de la abuela
Alcohol Grandmas Cordial Licor de la abuela
Quest Items Grandmas pickles Pepinillos y manteca de la abuela
Quest Items Sephirot Choccmah Sefirot, ten (10) of them, each a different colour
Books Generic quest item Ain Soph Aur
Books Generic quest item Las puertas secretas
Quest Items Tower mages book small Libro de la torre del mago
Quest Items Tarot card Carta del tarot de la torre
Quest Items Yaevinns letter Carta de Yaevinn to Golan Vivaldi
Quest Items Vivaldis letter Carta de Vivaldi to Yaevinn
Quest Items Rusty key Rusty key with the image of a Lionhead Spider
Quest Items Blood-stained letter Carta ensangrentada
Quest Items Key Key to Rascal's hideout
Quest Items Key Bandit's key
Quest Items Kalksteins notes Lista de sospechosos
Quest Items Kalksteins notes Consejos de Kalkstein (on the sephirot)
Quest Items Vodyanoi amulet Amuleto de vodyanoi for the woodcutters
Weapons Two-handed steel axe Yaren Bolt's axe for the vodyanoi (doesn't go into the quest items pocket, remains in one of the heavy weapons slots)

Icon Act III Capítulo III (Barrio de los Mercaderes) Editar

Quest Items Letter from City militia Salvoconducto de la milicia de la ciudad
Quest Items Sphere Sensor mágico
Quest Items Dandelions lute Laúd de Jaskier
Quest Items Key Key to the sewers beneath the Trade Quarter (There are several copies of this key. Yaevinn gives Geralt a copy at the beginning of Echoes of Yesterday, another is on the corpse next to the campfire just inside the sewer entrance near The New Narakort).
Quest Items Mysterious note Nota Misteriosa
Quest Items Catoblepas Carne de catoblepas for Princess Adda at A Posh Reception
Quest Items generic key2 Key to the storehouse entrance. It's actually the key to the warehouse adjacent to the town hall.
Quest Items Family ring Anillo familiar for the Desperate merchant on the dike
Quest Items Psilocybe mushroom Reta psilócibo
Quest Items Encrypted document Documento Encriptado found on Roland Bleinheim's body
Quest Items Royal letter safe conduct Carta de Salvo Conducto found on Roland Bleinheim's body (you also find one on Gellert's body later in the same act)
Quest Items Key to Salamandra code Llave para el Código de la Salamandra
Quest Items Professors report Carta de recomendación from Angus
Quest Items Berengars letter Carta de Gellert Bleinheim
Quest Items Power stone Llave de la base de la Salamandra
Quest Items Seeing stone Piedra vidente
Quest Items Lycanthropy potion Cura de la licantropía brewed by Kalkstein.
Quest Items Professors letter La carta del Profesor, lista para su envío
Quest Items Professors report Informe del Profesor

Icon Act IV Capítulo IV (Orilla del Lago) Editar

Quest Items Armor fragment1 Pieza de armadura (found in the crypt after meeting Berengar for the first time)
Quest Items Naiads necklace Collar turquesa
Quest Items Dimeritium amulet Amuleto de dimerita for Alvin
Quest Items generic letter Carta de Triss o Shani to Geralt in Murky Waters
Quest Items generic letter Carta para Triss o Shani (Respuesta de Geralt)
Quest Items Wreath of Immortelles Ramo de siemprevivas
Quest Items Mirror shard Fragmento del espejo de Alina, five of them
Quest Items Alinas mirror Espejo roto de Alina
Quest Items Cat harness Arnés para gatos
Quest Items Four-leaf clover Trébol de cuatro hojas for Mason Harn from the Griggs
Quest Items Priests staff Bastón de sacerdote
Quest Items Golden calf Becerro de oro
Quest Items Gold bracelet Brazalete de oro
Quest Items Alabaster figurine Estatuilla de alabastro of a young vodyanoi taming a water elemental
Quest Items Alinas garland Guirnalda de Alina
Quest Items Gramps diamond Diamante de Yayo
Quest Items Ladys ruby El rubí de la Dama del Lago
Quest Items Berengars letter Carta de Berengar
Quest Items Berengars medallion Medallón de Berengar

Icon Act V Capítulo V (Antigua Wyzima) Editar

Quest Items Armor fragment1 Armor of Graf Corbus de Ruyter (or just a Pieza de armadura, identical to piece found in Act IV)
Quest Items Receipt Tres recibos, one for delivering 300 orens to each of Antoinette's cousins: Buse, Corbin and Ramerot
Quest Items Magic Formula Fórmula mágica from Agnes of Glanville's chest in her lair, one of the ancient crypts
Quest Items Zdeneks tooth Diente de un famoso boxeador from Zdenek in the southernmost refugee cave
Quest Items Ostrits journal Diario de Ostrit from the sarcophagus in the striga's crypt
Quest Items St Gregorys litany Letanía de San Gregorio from the sarcophagus in the ancient crypt below the striga's crypt
Quest Items Notes elven minstrel Notas de un juglar elfo from the sarcophagus in the striga's crypt
Quest Items Recirculator Recirculador bifuncional de fibra y aleación from dwarven trunk in the ancient crypt beneath the old mine
Quest Items Remain Ravens armor Restos de la armadura de Cuervo from the Raven's crypt in the swamp cemetery.


Quest Items Dimeritium amulet Grand Master's amuleto de dimerita
Quest Items Stolen secrets Stolen witchers' secrets
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