Armas pesadas also known as Large weapons cannot be used in Witcher styles, but serve their occasional purpose in battle or in the form of orens when sold. Enemies who have less than 33% of their vitality left may be stunned and/or knocked down by any heavy weapon attack. Nevertheless, as with short weapons, they cannot be used in Stun-finishers, meaning that while Geralt performs a finishing move, only increased Daño is dealt but the opponent will not die as a result unless the Daño exceeds current vitality.

Axes Editar

Large Axes can cause the efecto crítico: sangrar. For the most part they are carried by bandits.

Hacha Editar

Esta arma no se puede usar con los estilos de combate del brujo.

Hacha Estadísticas
Daño 5−15
  • Probabilidad de efecto crítico: sangrar +40%

Looks like a regular wood-chopper axe

 Precio  Venta 
200 orens  40 orens 

Hacha de acero de dos manos Editar

Can be found in the cave of swamps and also in an ancient crypt in the cementerio de la ciénaga

Hacha de acero de dos manos Estadísticas
Daño 8−22
  • Probabilidad de efecto crítico: sangrar +50%

Looks like a fireaxe

 Precio  Venta 
280 orens  56 orens 

Hacha de dos manos de Mahakam Editar

One is found in a sarcophagus in the crypt by the Orilla del Lago, along with a piece of armor used in the Armadura (misión).

Hacha de dos manos de Mahakam Estadísticas
Daño 9−27
  • Probabilidad de efecto crítico: sangrar +60%

Looks like a huge two edged axe.

 Precio  Venta 
300 orens  60 orens 

Clubs Editar

Clubs tend to be mostly carried by thugs, but Azar Javed does weild two huge maces

Garrote pesado Editar

These weapons are mostly carried by thugs in Act I and Ramsmeat's bouncers in Act II. They can also be found several shops. While not specifically listed in the weapon Estadísticas, a Heavy club will fatally derribo barghests, for example.

Garrote pesado Estadísticas
Daño 4−12
  • No extra Estadísticas

Looks like a huge spiked club.

 Precio  Venta 
50 orens  10 orens 

Mangual a dos manos Editar

They are mostly carried by thugs. Can be found several places i.e. shops

Mangual a dos manos Estadísticas
Daño 6−18

Looks like a huge full metal morningstar.

 Precio  Venta 
50 orens  10 orens 

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